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1. Jam-filled pancake
2. Cocoa-filled pancake
3. Apple filled pancake
4. French fries with ketchup
5. Macaroni Milanese
6. Breaded chicken breast stripes with mashed potato
7. Breaded fish fingers with French fries
8. Breaded Trappist cheese with French fries and tartar
9. Breaded pork chop with French fries
10.Kentucky Chicken Breast with Zigzag Potatoes
and Barbecue Sauce




1. Fish cocktail of catfish fillet, “Lakeshore” style
2. Caesar salad
3. Steak tartare
4. Cold fried goose liver in fat



5. Pig’s brain stewed with onion, garlic toast
6. Breaded brains
8. “Juhászlapcsánka” (rösti “Shepherd” style)
9. Breaded camembert with cranberry jam



11. Liver dumpling soup
12. Forest mushroom soup
13. Garlic cheese cream soup
14. Home-style meat soup
15. Beef soup with strawberry-leaf pasta
16. Dumpling soup “Nyírség” style
16. Greek fruit soup
17. Bean soup “Jókai” style
18. Pheasant meat soup
19. Bográcsgulyás (goulash soup in kettle)
20. Fisherman’s soup of carp
21. “Korhely” fish soup of catfish (for hangovers)
22. Blackberry cream soup
23. Venison Ragout Soup with Dill, Semolina Dumplings



25. Curd cheese noodle dish with cracklings
27. Creamy pork ragout with curd cheese noodles
28. Boiled smoked knuckle with horseradish
29. Veal stew
30. Paprika catfish stew with curd cheese noodles



31. Breaded cauliflower
32. Greek salad
33. Breaded mushroom heads
34. Breaded Trappist cheese
35. Vegetarian platter for 2
36. Grilled Home-made Cheese with Tomato Salsa
37. Falafel Salad



37. Fried trout with browned almonds
38. Pike perch fried in whole, with garlic sauce
39. Breaded carp slices
40. Breaded catfish fillets
41. Grilled catfish in lemon sauce
42. Fish platter for 2
43. Salmon Steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
44. Steamed Catfish Fillet with White Wine, Herb Sauce



44. Plain chicken breast
45. Almond chicken breast
46. Grilled chicken breast with creamy leek sauce
47. Honey spicy chicken shreds on salad bed
48. Turkey breast fillet filled with chicken liver, dill sauce
49. Ironed chicken breast morsels with sautéed vegetables
50. Chicken breast in coat, stuffed with broccoli and cheese
51. Turkey breast “Hawaii” style
52. Chicken breast steak with tangerine sauce and croquettes
53. Chicken breast stuffed with smoked knuckle
54. Turkey steak served on rösti, with creamy garlic sauce
55. Bacon-coated turkey breast rolls stuffed with curd
56. Chicken breast filled with goose liver
57. Grilled goose liver
58. Green-tea and honey turkey breast medallions, with leek rice
59. Chicken breast filled with carrots and sauerkraut, with creamy, mashed potato with leek
60. Duck Breast Confit with Cognac Sauce and Grilled Vegetables
61. Chicken Leg Fillet filled with Feta Cheese and Tomato, served with Potato Basil Purée



58. Breaded pork chop
59. Pork a la Brasov
60. Gypsy roast
61. Pork cutlet with brains
62. Pork fillet medallions fried in batter
63. Pork spare rib with knuckle
64. Pork cutlet a la “Fáy”
65. Pork chops stuffed with farmer cheese mixed
66. Pork fillet stuffed with prunes
67. Pan fried Mangalitsa pork fillet with chicken liver
68. Pork chop stuffed with goose liver
69. Fried knuckle with tomato and mushroom
70. Tarragon pork fillet medallions with mushroom
71. Pork Chop ‘Borzas’ Style served with Mixed Garnish
72. Roasted Ham Hock with Sausage Bean Ragout



70. Plain rumpsteak
71. Sirloins steal of prime rib with fried onions
72. Tenderloin with forest mushroom sauce
73. American steak
74. Tenderloin “Kedvessy” style
75. Beef steak fried on iron plate, with courgette and vegetables



80. Chef’s favourite
81. Chitterlings stew with brains, served with parsley potato
82. Mushroom heads filled with curded ewe-cheese
84. Uncle Matula’s favourite
85. Knuckle of ham, with mushroom and chicken liver ragout
86. Fried duck leg with steamed cabbage and onion mashed potato
87. Ironed pork fillet rolled in bacon, with grilled vegetables
88. Knuckle platter for 2, “Bíbic” style
89. Mixed platter for 2, “Lakeshore” style
90. Grill platter for 2
91. Fried duck leg with red-wine blackberry sauce and rolled potato
93. Mediterranean Creamy Chicken Pappardelle



89. Cabbage salad
90. Sweet cucumber
91. Leavened cucumber (half sour pickle) on ice bed (seasonal)
92. Peach compote    
93. Pickled paprika
94. Pickled paprika stuffed with cabbage
95. Cucumber salad
96. Fresh mixed salad
98. Tomato salad



99. Gnocchi
100. Steamed rice
101. French fries, made of fresh potato
102. Mixed garnish
103. Steamed rice and green peas
104. Mushroom rice
105. Mashed potato
106. Mashed potato Hungarian style
107. Butter parsley potato
108. Potato croquette
109. Steak potato
110. Rösti potato
111. Sautéed mixed vegetables
112. Grilled vegetables



114. Pancake filled with sweet curd and vanilla sauce
115. Sweet chestnut purée with whipped cream
116. Chocolate-apple pancake flambé
117. Sweet farmer cheese dumplings
118. Dessert cup “Bíbic” style
119. Exuberance” ice cream bowl
120. Somlói galuska
121. Pancake filled with walnuts and fried peach


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